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Discovering the Hidden Anomalies of Intermittent Computing
Andrea Maioli (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), Luca Mottola (Politecnico di Milano, Italy and RI.SE, Sweden), Muhammad Hamad Alizai (LUMS University, Pakistan) and Junaid Haroon Siddiqui (LUMS University, Pakistan)

Hermes: Decentralized Dynamic Spectrum Access System for Massive Devices Deployment in 5G
Zhihui Gao (Duke University, USA), Ang Li (Duke University, USA), Yunfan Gao (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), Yu Wang (Tsinghua University, China) and Yiran Chen (Duke University, USA)

6TiSCH++ with Bluetooth 5 and Concurrent Transmissions
Michael Baddeley (Toshiba Research Europe Ltd, United Kingdom), Adnan Aijaz (Toshiba Research Europe Ltd, United Kingdom), Usman Raza (Toshiba Research Europe Ltd, United Kingdom), Aleksandar Stanoev (Toshiba Research Europe Ltd, United Kingdom), Yichao Jin (Toshiba Research Europe Ltd, United Kingdom), Markus Schuß (TU Graz, Austria), Carlo Alberto Boano (TU Graz, Austria) and George Oikonomou (University of Bristol, United Kingdom)


Condor: Mobile Golf Swing Tracking via Sensor Fusion using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
Hong Jia (UNSW Sydney, Australia and Data61-CSIRO, Australia), Jun Liu (UNSW Sydney, Australia), Yuezhong Wu (UNSW Sydney, Australia and Data61-CSIRO, Australia), Tomasz Bednarz (UNSW Sydney, Australia), Lina Yao (UNSW Sydney, Australia) and Wen Hu (UNSW Sydney, Australia)

LightTour: Enabling Museum Audio Tour with Visible Light
Lennert Vanmunster (KU Leuven, Belgium), Jona Beysens (KU Leuven, Belgium), Qing Wang (TU Delft, The Netherlands) and Sofie Pollin (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Ensuring End-to-End Dependability Requirements in Cloud-based Bluetooth Low Energy Applications
Michael Spörk, Markus Schuß, Carlo Alberto Boano and Kay Roemer (TU Graz, Austria)


Adding Security to Implantable Medical Devices: Can We Afford It?
Muhammmad Ali Siddiqi (Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands), Angeliki-Agathi Tsintzira (University of Macedonia, Greece), Georgios Digkas (University of Macedonia, Greece), Miltiadis Siavvas (Information Technologies Institute, Greece) and Christos Strydis (Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands)

A Performance Study of Crypto-Hardware in the Low-end IoT
ViewDownloadAwardBest Video Award
Peter Kietzmann (HAW Hamburg, Germany), Lena Boeckmann (HAW Hamburg, Germany), Leandro Lanzieri (HAW Hamburg, Germany), Thomas C. Schmidt (HAW Hamburg, Germany) and Matthias Wählisch (Freie Universität Berlin)

Application-driven Privacy-preserving Data Publishing with Correlated Attributes
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Aria Rezaei (Stony Brook University, USA), Chaowei Xiao (Nvidia, USA), Jie Gao (Rutgers University, USA), Bo Li (UIUC, USA) and Sirajum Munir (Bosch Research and Technology Center, USA)


VIADUCT: Bridging the Gap between Testbeds and Real-World Cyber-Physical Systems
ViewDownloadAwardBest Paper Runner-Up Award
Philipp Sommer and Felix Sutton (ABB Research, Switzerland)

ChirpBox: An Infrastructure-Less LoRa Testbed
Pei Tian (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS, China), Xiaoyuan Ma (SKF Group, China), Carlo Alberto Boano (TU Graz, Austria), Ye Liu (Nanjing Agricultural University, China), Fengxu Yang (Shanghai Tech University, China), Xin Tian (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS, China), Dan Li (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS, China) and Jianming Wei (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS, China)


Mobility in Low-Power Wide-Area Network over White Spaces
Dali Ismail and Abusayeed Saifullah (Wayne State University, USA)

Power Clocks: Dynamic Multi-Clock Management for Embedded Systems
Holly Chiang (Stanford University, USA), Hudson Ayers (Stanford University, USA), Daniel Giffin (Stanford University, USA), Amit Levy (Princeton University, USA) and Philip Levis (Stanford University, USA)

SERVOUS: Cross-Technology Neighbour Discovery and Rendezvous for Low-Power Wireless Devices
Rainer Hofmann, Carlo Alberto Boano and Kay Roemer (TU Graz, Austria)